We aim to provide a reliable platform for sports enthusiasts all over the world, so as to share and analyze the soccer matches with the professions. While helping the sports enthusiasts win the bet, we are also glad to lead the professions who are good at analyzing to get a fat profit.


Tipster self-recommendation content:


Tipsters analyze and summarize the match to provide tips and reasons for users via their own methods or experience, so as to help the users to get profits. Users can choose and click their favored tipsters’ tips in ‘Expert Picks’ by spending coins as a reference.   


Tipster related information:

Ⅰ. The Level

We customized an tipster level system in order to encourage and regulate the tipsters to post more professional tips, as well as bring more generous profits for those excellent creators. The upgrading of tipster level is decided by how many poins tipsters accumulated. Once the points reached to the aimed standard of the current level, tipster will upgrade to the next level, and the tipster is able to gain the correspondent benefits at the meantime. For example, once a tipster is certified, his current level is LV Ⅰ. However, after his points get to the aimed standard: 480, his level will be upgraded to LV Ⅱ, and so on in a similar fashion. Below are the tipster levels and the corresponding benifits they will get:



Coin Value

Maximum Tips Sales Price

Aimed Points

Daily Post


























*Tipsters can set the sale price freely by their own will according to the match state and the Soccerpet rules.


Ⅱ. The Upgrade of the Level

Points Gaining:

2.1 When the pick wins, expert may gain points according to the odds of the betting type. For example, when the odds of 1X2 is 1.80, the points the expert will gain is (1.8-1)*100=80; while the odds of Asian Handicap and O/U is 0.97, the points the expert will gain is 0.97*100=97;

2.2 When the pick push or the pick is invalid due to abnormal match condition or force majeure factors, expert will get participation points award;

2.3 When expert gets win streak (2 win streak or above ), experts will get extra points award.

Points deducting:

2.4 Points will be deducted if the expert's picks lose, or get losing streak, or the expert stops posting picks for a long time. Points deducting may cause the degradation of expert level.


Ⅲ. The Earnings and Settlement

3.1 Coins obtained from tips sales can be withdrawn. The higher the tipster’s level is, the more profits he will get.

3.2 How much money you will make depends entirely on how successful(win percentage) your tips are. The range of the money you can earn is between 100-2000 eur / month. As stated before, this depends entirely on your win percentage ratio.

3.3 Tipster can initiate settlement application on the platform by his own. We will review your settlement application every Friday and then pay you. Experts will be paid on the next payment date in the following situations:

1) During holidays and festivals;

2) Experts have the demand to change their Paypal account after submitting the application;

3) Force majeure factors and other special causes;

4) Beyond the review time when submit the withdrawal application[Note: Review time: Every Thursday from 1:00-8:00 (UTC)]

3.4 We pay our tipsters with common payment method: PayPal, and we ALWAYS pay you on time!

3.5 Please ensure that your settlement account is correct. You can contact us through this email address in case of any problems:[email protected]


Ⅳ. Tips Posting Rules

4.1 Rules:

4.1.1 Only one tipster tip can be posted for one single match

4.1.2 Tipster tips cannot be posted after the match kicks off

4.1.3 Tips with odds below 1.6 cannot be posted

4.1.4 Experts of Soccerpet are able to post two types of tip:

1.Refundable if fails. (When your tip fails or push, the coins will be refunded to the purchasers.) [Standard of posting Refundable if fails tip: Experts who are no less than level 2 are entitled to post this kind of tip.]

2.No refund. (Coins will not be refunded to the purchasers even tip fails or push.) [Standard of posting No Refund tip: Experts who are no less than level 3 have to post over 21 tips in the last 7 days while the profit rate in the last 7 days is no less than 400%]

4.2 Notes:

4.2.1 We prefer tipster's real portrait to increase the credibility

4.2.2 Tips must not violate the local laws or infringe upon the rights and interests of other parties (such as plagiarism); must not involve sensitive topics such as politics, race, gambling, pornography, spreading rumors, etc

4.2.3 Analysis should be original and high quality. Repeated content in one analysis is forbidden; Same content with other analysis is forbidden; Long winded and useless content is forbidden; Special characters in analysis is forbidden.

4.2.4 Any form of promotional content, contact information or other platforms are forbidden, such as Banker, Bookmaker, Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and so on.

4.2.5 Experts signing up multiple accounts or using any methods to purchase his own tips is forbidden

4.2.6 Contact us through this email address in case of any problems: [email protected]

4.2.7 If any of the above rules is violated, Soccerpet will remove the tips at any time and disqualify the tipster identity. Also, Soccerpet reserves the right to refuse the application for withdrawal.


Ⅴ. Establishment, Modification and Termination of the Agreement

5.1 Soccerpet has the right to modify the terms of this agreement, and the user has the right to decide whether to continue to accept the revised agreement.